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Mycroft Holmes | Hearse. Sign. Vow.

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I’m sorry but I’ve realised I can’t love Mark anymore


he puts the milk in first


do you ever regret making a post..

I am outraged and morally compromised.

Both schools of thought have notable benefits. If you put the tea in first then you allow the guest to flavour their own tea to their personal preference. Putting milk in first apparently offers a better combination of the two liquids and traditionally the cold milk protected delicate china from boiling tea that may crack or damage it. You can usually make the decision yourself by pouring your own tea, but at some of the top hotels the tea is poured for you and you add the milk afterwards. [x]

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Mark Gatiss as Colonel Black in Clone (E02 - E03 - E04 - E05 - E06)
Jonathan Aris in episode 4 and 6.

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Mark in Uniform for Gatiss Wednesday, just because.

I threw in a few pics with dog collar because 1. there is not enough roles with Mark looking sexy in Uniform and 2. I class ministers/priests etc in my highly inappropriate fantasies regarding men in uniform so there.

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You drink it - you drink the filth!

Making minty horror movie gore with Mark Gatiss [x]

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Mr. Snow

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