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omg omg omg  

Lexi is currently doing the math and if all goes well we will be flying to London for a few days in September!

This means two things (both of which are equally important)

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Quick note 

I know I haven’t been posting much personal stuff lately.

Several reasons:

However, I am actually doing super great (or at least I will when the last exam is done next week) and I had a workshop this weekend where we learend much interesting stuff about synchronization (which I would love to do when I finished my M.A.) and I will make a post about this another time, because there’s much to tell! So stay tuned :)

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I’ll go the the adult munch in my hometown for the first time today 

…and I don’t yet know what to think of it. I am expecting the worst, to be honest, but I’ll go because I promised my ex-flatmate that I’d come with her at some point.

What I’m afraid will happen is that practically everyone in this room will assume I’m a sub (because I’m a woman). This already happened to me with one of the male regulars whom I have met at my ex-flatmate’s birthday party. He kept ignoring my hints that I’m dominant and that was really annoying. Also, I’m in no mood for being hit on, just because I’m new and happen to be female. Ugh. But maybe I’ll have a great time anyways…let’s see.

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I went to the Schützenfest in Hanover yesterday. Me, a gay friend, his best friend plus her partner. We were quite the team! The Schützenfest in Hanover is supposed to be the biggest in the world and they have a gay people tent there (which I didn’t know) - so we obviously had to go there! It was a super awesome evening :)

The only problem was that I hadn’t eaten proplery yet and we couldn’t really find anything vegan. I didn’t care too much, though. I kind of feel like this whole veganism thing is helping me more than it is restrictign. I often feel overwhelmed when there’s too much different food I could buy…and end up buying nothing. Now I can just walk by and feel relieved because I don’t have to spend money on this (unhealthy) stuff. I ended up eating cotton candy, because I hadn’t done that in years. It was pretty disgusting, but fun to eat :D

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Ok, it actually took a lot of courage to upload these pictures. Above you see a pic of me that is about 5-6 years old and is the only pic I have where you can see what I looked like the past years.

Down below you see how I look now, after 2-3 years of more or less ongoing depression. Also, I stopped playing volleyball at about the same time my depression started to get worse (yeah there is a connection) because I have had so many injuries that I could’t keep on playing.

I have now reached a phase where I feel really really uncomfortable in my own body. I weigh about 13kg more than I used to, but my girth is what bothers me most. This is not the healthy, fit, sport-addicted young woman I used to be. This is not how I want to look. This is not how I want to feel.

And that’s why it’s time for action! I started the Vegan For Fit Challenge today, which will at least last 30 days. I have decided I want to try living on a vegan diet for several reasons and one bonus effect will hopefully be that I start to look like I used to do.

I am posting these pictures as a motivation for myself, to remind me how it used to be and how uncomfortable I feel now.

But it’s not just that I feel fat, I feel unhealthy. I have long ago stopped feeling fit. And that’s why I need to change something and I need to do it now.

It’s not even been a day and a lot of people already let me know that they want to help me and that they support my decision. I am really grateful for all my awesome friends and companions.

Let’s start this journey. And let’s hope that there’s a fitter, healthier me at the end :)

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How I accidentally turned vegan (kind of) 



I watched a shitload about veganism and Attila Hildmann (a German dude you probably don’t know) and his Japan travels and now I think I accidentally turned into a vegan.

Initially, I only wanted to try his 30 day challenge because I wanted to lose weight and feel fitter in general. Now I kind…

*hugs* You do what’s right for you, boo, for the reasons that matter to you. I am 100% behind that, and totally proud of you.

(I could never be vegan, and yeah I occasionally butt heads with the militant/evangelical factions of veganism/vegetarianism, but not because of what they stand for, only when the way they promote it crosses an ethical line.)

Take care of yourself! <3

Thank youuuu :) Your support means a lot to me. I wasn’t sure whether I should blog about this decision ‘cause this topic can be quite controversial, but I feel like I can use a little help with the whole thing, especially during the first 1-2 weeks…It’s important for me to know there are people who accept and support my decision and are possibly able to kick my ass if necessary :D (also it’s public now so I would be much more embarassed if I didn’t succed :D)

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How I accidentally turned vegan (kind of) 

I watched a shitload about veganism and Attila Hildmann (a German dude you probably don’t know) and his Japan travels and now I think I accidentally turned into a vegan.

Initially, I only wanted to try his 30 day challenge because I wanted to lose weight and feel fitter in general. Now I kind of feel that it was only a matter of time before I turned vegan. I stopped eating factory farmed food a long while ago and almost never eat meat/fish (for precisely that reason). Cream cheese (and sometimes a little milk in my coffee) was the only thing left and you can easily use soy for that.

Once I started seeing myself as a Buddhist, I also started questioning the way I eat. I honor every living thing on this planet but I also felt that if someone else killed an animal and I would let the meat go to waste, then I would not honor the life of said animal (though I would/could never kill an animal myself, nor would I want an animal to be killed for me).

I guess my aversion to throwing food away will always have a bigger impact on what I eat, but I’m really willing to give a vegan diet a try.

However, I won’t turn into one of these “if you don’t do it 100% in every aspect of your life you’re not doing it correctly” kind of people, because they are annoying as shit. Every tiny step towards a more health/environment friendly way of life is a good step and should be supported and not slammed.

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I made my first jelly yesterday. I never did it before but it turned out super well! The one on top is a mixture between red and black currant and gooseberries. The one below is sour cherry.

Mhhhmmm :)

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Good times 

On my way to meer buckstabue with a bag full of delicious organic vegan baked goods :3
I can’t wait to see her again. We will be plotting to take over the world with our combined creative skills!

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What an exhausting day 

* four hours of subtitling French-German
* two hours of the most boring lecture imaginable
* two more hours of subtitling English-German

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